Owning Palladium

Caring for Your Palladium Jewelry

Like other precious metals, palladium will need sprucing up from time to time. Simply use a mild detergent or ammonia solution (one part ammonia to six parts water) and a soft-bristle brush to gently clean inside intricate designs and under gemstones. Rinse and wipe your jewelry after cleaning.

Palladium Jewelry with Gemstones and Other Precious Metals

If you’ve purchased a piece of jewelry that combines palladium with gemstones or other precious metals, in most cases the cleaning tips above still apply. A mild detergent or ammonia solution works equally well on palladium jewelry that contains diamonds, rubies and sapphires, or that is paired with platinum and yellow or white gold.

Naturally white precious metal link necklace with gemstones

If your palladium jewelry is set with pearls or paired with silver, you must take extra care. Both silver and pearls are very delicate.

NEVER clean pearls in gem or jewelry cleaning solutions. They could dissolve! Polish pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth. However, the best way to maintain the beauty of your palladium and pearl jewelry is to wear it regularly. The natural oils on your skin help maintain a pearl's luster.

NEVER use ammonia to clean palladium jewelry that has been combined with silver. Silver is much softer and easier to scratch, so ammonia can damage it. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for delicately cleaning silver.

Naturally white precious metal diamond engagement ring