Why Palladium?

Let’s be honest. Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about jewelry, in walks a metal you’ve never heard about. What’s that all about? We're not sure why this has been the best kept secret in the world of jewelry, but thank goodness those days are over.

Palladium has always been one of the four precious metals. In fact, designers have been working with palladium since 1939.

This lightweight, naturally white and luxurious precious metal is the quintessential element of style. Palladium jewelry takes you from day to night seamlessly and elevates your look without weighing you down. It allows you to unlock your inner diva and express your personal style by wearing bigger, bolder palladium jewelry made by top designers.

Current Market Price

In the current market, palladium is less expensive than platinum and gold, which makes it a beautiful choice for your fine jewelry and a smart one for your wallet. Palladium also saves you money over time since it is naturally white and does not tarnish. Other metals, such as white gold, are coated with rhodium to appear white and will most likely require expensive maintenance.

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Your Big Day

You’ve dreamt about this day for as long as you can remember. In fact, he may not have even popped the question yet, but you probably already have the style of ring selected. Well, before you pass your not-so-subtle hints his way, ask your local jeweler to see styles made in palladium.

Have you already fallen in love with a design that’s not palladium? Not to worry. It can usually be made in palladium. Remember, you’ll want a ring that’s as enduring as your love. Not to mention, tough, sexy and sensitive.

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